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Dongguan manufacturers analyze why bubbles are produced by stickers.
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Dongguan manufacturers analyze why bubbles are produced by stickers.

Date:2018-09-04 作者:
In this era of development, the use of non-drying adhesive is extensive, but many customers in the use of non-drying adhesive process will encounter bubbling phenomenon, so there are several reasons for this phenomenon? Today, ye Qin factory will give you an analysis.

1. Heterogeneous glue coating: in the production process, if there is uneven coating glue will cause blistering phenomenon, choose a good quality trademark can solve the blistering caused by this reason.

2. Electrostatic effect: the film material dry glue will also cause trademark bubbles, to solve the problem of static electricity can reasonably control the operating space temperature and humidity.

3. Labeling machine pressure is not enough: Labeling machine pressure and structural design problems in the pressure wheel will also cause bubbles, to solve this problem can contact the manufacturer to repair the machine.

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