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Analysis of future market prospect of digital printing
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Analysis of future market prospect of digital printing

Date:2018-08-31 作者:
Compared with the large-scale printing equipment, the price of high-grade digital printing equipment has not become the threshold for large traditional printing enterprises to invest. Traditional printing enterprises pay more attention to the structure, function, printing quality and applicability of the equipment. It is understood that the ancient digital printing press can cope with the characteristics of commercial printing, take the road of high-end commodities, short sheet and supplementary sheet printing.

Higher investment equipment

In the printing industry, digital printing is not an unfamiliar topic. It is understood that in the development of digital printing business, 42% of the enterprises did not develop digital printing, 28% of the enterprises started one to three years, 26% of the enterprises started three to five years, and only 4% of the enterprises started more than five years. Therefore, printing companies invest more in digital printing equipment.

Prepress fragmentary

In terms of pre-press investment, printing enterprises are basically comparable generous, but the scale of investment is quite different. Although digital printing is convenient and fast, printing has always been a bottleneck restricting the consumption efficiency of digital printing. However, whether it is the traditional prepress manufacturing software, or here a single template software, or other process integration software, belong to the prepress fragmentary scope. Therefore, the promotion of digital printing equipment is only the first step in the field of digital printing.  


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